‘Normal’ biscuits for vegans!

tea and biscuitGiving up dairy can mean a radical change to your shopping list and buying lots of completely different things than before you were vegan.
This is not a criticism, it can be something to be embraced – however feeling like you have to sacrifice your favourite foods can be hard to swallow.

If one of those favourites happens to be sitting down with a tea and a biscuit, or two or three – then chances are you have more options than you realise.

During my adventures into plant-based living I have been delighted to keep discovering biscuits that are accidentally vegan i.e. they’re not created specifically to be dairy-free and you can find them in the ‘normal’ biscuit aisle rather than in the free-from aisle at the supermarket.

So far the ones I have come across include:

  • Fox’s Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies – you don’t get many in a back but they are hefty and have big lumps of chocolate in.
  • Oreos – can be a bit of an acquired taste and took me a little while to get used to, being a bit more bitter than other biscuits.
  • Bourbons – a throwback to my childhood! Crunchy chocolate biscuit with a creamy chocolate filling.
  • Hobnobs Chocolate Chip – crumbly and oaty with little hints of chocolate.

So, if you are a brew-and-a-biscuit kind of person and have decided to go vegan, you have nothing to worry about! On the biscuit front at least…of course you still need to decide how to tackle the tea issue – do you ditch the milk entirely and just go black? Try out plant-based milks until you find one that still tastes good in tea (I’m yet to find one, although have been told that oat-based milks work well)? Or just switch entirely to fruit/herbal drinks? But that’s a whole other discussion…

In the meantime I will continue to suffer the hardship of seeking out and taste-testing more accidentally vegan biscuits to add to the list above.

*If you’re interested in finding out more about what vegan-friendly products lurk beyond the free-from aisle, Veganuary has created a great list and it is also worthwhile following @VeganWiki on Twitter.


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